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Donald Trump is withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Radio Télévision Suisse

By withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Donald Trump is restating a certain vision of the national interest that is breaking with the one of previous presidents and that is bringing him even closer to Vladimir Putin’s vision. What will be the consequences for international relations? The interview of Thierry de Montbrial, Founder and Executive Chairman of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI).

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The state of the world in 2017 : forecasting

Thierry de MONTBRIAL was the guest of the radio program “Face à l’info” on RTBF

Can we reasonably believe that there might be a happy globalization one day while we are observing the return to a fragmented world, an economic and politic illiberalism… Is there an imbalance between powers ? The great challenge for 2017 but also for the years to come, will be how to maintain a reasonably open world and with countries that will recover their whole diversity ?

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